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Field Manual – How to Pray for Your Patients

As a nurse, how many times during your shift have you wished you could take away their pain and set them free from their demons? Wouldn’t it be grand? What if you could heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead? Would you want to?

Oral Roberts, and many others, tapped into this ability. And so can you.

God’s power works miracles. If you are a Christian, you know that the Holy Spirit dwells in you; and that is the same thing as the Messiah dwelling in you and the Father dwelling in you – because God is one.

So, everybody knows  that Jesus could heal anybody, anytime, when He was walking the earth as a man. And the last part of Gospel of Mark records Jesus’ final instructions to his disciples – namely to go heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons.

Those of you who did not already click away are the ones I want to talk to. You either know, or want to know, that Jesus is your Savior, and the Holy Spirit dwells in you. So then you undoubtedly long to see suffering relieved. (If desired, see the page: Receiving Jesus.)

And you most assuredly will want to know HOW TO obey what it says to do at the very end of the book of Mark. This is your bread. Its yours for the taking. That is why you yearn to perform it. God put that desire in you.

So read this handy field manual to find out how to do the stuff. It is written by a paramedic who always prays for his patients and sees great results. Check it out. Divine Healing Made Simple: Simplifying the supernatural to make healing and miracles a part of your everyday life

You can get it on Kindle or paperback.

Here is a review from one reader: 5.0 out of 5 stars Best Healing Textbook I’ve Seen!, January 1, 2014 This review is from: Divine Healing Made Simple (Kindle Edition)

“This is an accessible book: a “regular guy” facing “regular issues” has discovered some powerful insights in the road that we’re on, and he’s sharing his story: “This is what has worked for me.”Divine Healing Made Simple is wonderfully down to earth. It’s both incredibly practical for those who want to heal others supernaturally (“This works.” “This doesn’t work as well” “I think this is why that happens.”), and it’s remarkably inspiring (he has a great number of stories, where things worked, where they didn’t).Get the book. It will be worth the cost! Read the book. It will be worth the time. Then if you really want to mess your mind up, do the stuff that he’s talking about. You’ll be glad you did!”

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  1. Thanks so much for your recommendation.of my book. May god be glorified by the things you write. You are a wonderful friend.

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