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Feet of a Nurse

Nurses put their feet though a lot.  You went to nursing school – but did they teach you how intimately your feet are connected to your heart, gut, and brain?

What are some things your feet do for you? And have you ever thought, “What does it mean to me to:

Find my feetfeet in grass

Fit my feet into…

Keep my feet on the ground

Put my feet up

Learn at the feet of…

Get swept off my feet

Stay on my toes

Have my feet in two cultures

Keep both feet planted firmly

Think on my feet

Feel like I have bricks tied to my feet

Help them get on their feet

Drag my feet

Come home from work with my feet hurtingfeet in water spa

Dance till my feet bleed

Stand on my own two feet

Get my feet wet

Stay with it until my feet are sure

Plant my feet firmly

Bring people to their feet with applause

Kneel at the feet of …

Conquer until ____ surrenders at my feet

Always land on my feet

Have feet that are honest

Tap my feet

Put it/them under my feet

Keep my foot on the devil’s neckfoot on the enemys head

Dangle my feet over a ….

Keep my feet fixed firmly on the ground

Have my feet washed

Wash the feet of …

On my feet and ready

Willing to accept whatever the tide washes up at my feet

Feel like there’s no solid ground beneath my feet

Be fast on my feet

Be last on my feet

Drag my feet

Put feet to it

Put feet on the moonstanding on top confident

Place feet on the dome of truth

Remember dancing on my father’s feet

Feel too depressed to pick up my feet

Have only enough energy to pet the cat with one foot

Insert both feet in mouth

Always land on my feet

Stay on my feet

Get flowers thrown at my feet

Get up on my feet

Stand on my own feet

Enjoy smelling my own stinky feet

Vote with my feet

Walk where my feet take me

Wipe my feet at the door (coming and going)

Spring to my feet

Be light on my feet

Walk with a bounce in my stepfeet walking on soil

Dance like a butterfly

Let my bare feet feel the soil

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

Khalil Gibran

Credit and kudos go to http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/feet_16.html#VvEZIFUzJvPbyyof.99

Your feet serve you well. Here is an idea of how to reward them: Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles, and Heat


Just Your Average Superhero Nurse

super hero nurse capeA week in the life of a nurse – Nothings special, you say? That depends. Some people might have a different perspective. Let’s take a peek.

You just happen to walk by a room and see an elderly patient teetering and ready to say hello to the floor. You swoop up. steady them and avert a fall.

You notice a very slight flush on your patient’s face. By instinct, you stop the transfusion and check vital signs. Sure enough, she is just about to become symptomatic.

One night shift, your oncology patient, who has almost no platelets, gets a visit from her husband. Somehow you have a hunch that they plan to have sex. You gently explain her condition and why they need to wait. His thankful response for you telling them, in time, makes her love him even more.

You spend your lunch break visiting with a depressed patient. For him, having a chance to talk and be heard infuses new hope into him. You return to work feeling infinitely happier than if you had eaten a meal.

Your combative dementia patient becomes calm and engaging when you play her era music for her. You then are able to successfully feed her and administer her meds as well.

Your DNR patient begins his trip to the other side – and suddenly the family makes him a DE patient (Do Everything!) You ask them if they are sure – explaining reality and making sure they can handle it. They snap back to their senses, and they decide to honor the patient’s wishes.

Through it all – vomit and diarrhea on your shoes, having to keep calling other departments and doctors, having to take yet another interruption (with a still-full bladder), IV’s that blow, specimens that get flushed, getting two admissions at once, and all the rest – you rock.

What does it feel like to be a superhero nurse? You may not think that way about it – but consider that by your actions above, you prevented: a hip fracture, a potentially life-threatening transfusion reaction, hemorrhage with heartbreak, suicide, starvation and dehydration, and certain torture.

Now, what do you say? Put on that cape, superhero nurse! You deserve it!


BTW – this cape can actually be found for sale on Etsy!

Here is something cool to stick on your mirror or car window: SUPER HERO NURSE RN Registered Nurse 4.5″ (color: WHITE) Vinyl Decal Window Sticker for Cars, Trucks, Windows, Walls, Laptops, and other stuff.

8 Questions: What Kind of Nurse Are You?

Are You Cut Out to be a Nurse? Let’s take some common hospital duties and BS and see how you score. Are you game? Let’s get started!

1. Blood?blood

  1. Revs up my adrenalin and propels me into superhuman therapeutic actions!
  2. I don’t mind. I just want to treat it.
  3. I will follow orders, but it better not get on me!
  4. Don’t show me that! I will faint or puke!

2. Wounds?

  1. Love it! Can’t get enough of wound care!wounds
  2. Its just part of the job. I can handle it.
  3. Oh gross! Cover that thing up!
  4. The sight causes immediate distress in my chest and gut!

3. Poking Things into People

inserting ng tube

  1. I can insert the largest catheters, NGT’s, and IV’s into people that nobody else can even access!
  2. I prefer not to poke people, but have a pretty good success rate.
  3. I like to teach others to do it so I can keep my distance.
  4. I’m supposed to put this WHERE?!!

4. Psych

insane man

  1. I love to hear people’s darkest, scariest reasons for their insanity!
  2. I enjoy gaining cooperation of destructive patients.
  3. The crazy ones make my shift more difficult.
  4. All patients should stay snowed, sedated, and stupefied – at all times!

5. Teaching Meds

  1. I love teaching the category, molecular structure, and mechanism of action for each of med!
  2. pillsI teach the bare minimum; they won’t remember it anyway.
  3. I just hand patients their meds in a cup – and say, “Take your meds.”
  4. If patients have questions, I tell them to Google it.

6. ADL’s

  1. I delight in pampering and making patients look and feel comfortable and fresh!nurse patient eye contact
  2. I acknowledge the importance of ADL’s – and help patients for duty’s sake.
  3. I prefer for the CNA’s to do that sort of work.
  4. I hate it; if I have to see another naked patient, I will scream!

7. Collecting specimensstool sample

  1. I love comparing specimens to various types of soups or other foods during lunch time!
  2. Obligation drives me to use perfect technique; my collections yield the most accurate results possible.
  3. Bodily fluids disgust me; I collect them only to keep my job.
  4. EWWWW!!! Isn’t that somebody else’s job?!!!

8. Following idiotic hospital rules that force you to act like a robot

  1. I enjoy remembering my “lines” perfectly and take comfort in knowing exactly what to say each time on patient rounds.robot-nurse-holding-the-syringe-3d-illustration
  2. I only say my “lines” when the “big brass” is around; otherwise I’m just myself.
  3. I resent the script; I feel it takes away from my humanity and destroys the possibility of forming a human bond with patients.
  4. I feel like telling administration to “Take that script and shove it!”

OK – how did you score?

If you scored mostly 1’s, you are a SUPER-NURSE and have earned the Florence Nightingale award!super hero nurse

Mostly 2’s, you are a great nurse, and should keep doing what you are doing.

Mostly 3’s, you are either green – or getting crispy. Better either enjoy the learning or get very serious about alternative options!

Mostly 4’s, get out of nursing QUICKLY! What was your guidance counselor smoking anyway?!!!

Some of you might want to check out this career guide: Choose The Right Career: So You Don’t Waste Your Life in a Job You Can’t Stand


18 Great Things About Night Shift

night nurse tired-nurse-yawn-work-17615058Do you have a night shift personality? What are some advantages of working nights? Having worked nights for about 10 years, I can list a few perks.

If you have ever considered working nights, or if you are a seasoned night nurse, you may find here some advantages you never considered. So let’s dig right in! What is better about night shift?

1. Being able to work in relative peace – without “the big brass” always parading around, stopping you from your work, and getting in your way -

2. Not having to send and receive so many patients who have tests, procedures, and surgeries -

3. Fewer meds to pass -

4. Don’t have to pass and pick up meal trays -

5. Fewer baths to give -

6. Fewer incoming calls on your companion phone -

7. Fewer family members to juggle -

8. You actually have time to talk with your patients and listen to them -

9. Sometimes the patients sleep -

10. You have more time of peace to work on your hospital CE’s -

11. You can often keep up with the hospital vlogs, blogs, and news pieces -

12. It pays better than day shift -

13. Depending on the layout of the unit, sometimes the whole staff can eat together at the same time once the patients are sleeping -

14. Teamwork, camaraderie, and friendships are stronger -

15. Meal planning is a coordinated effort – maybe a delivery – or one volunteers to go to a local drive-through for the group -

15. Stronger self-reliance and self-confidence develop -

17. Less chance of having to get interviewed by JHACO -

18. More time to read the charts and know what is planned for the patients -

In comparing night and day shifts to a battle, nights would be like the cannon loaders – and days would shoot the cannons. In volley ball, nights wold be like the back and middle rows setting up the ball for the front row day people to slam it -

Its the behind the scenes people who seldom get, or want, applauded for a job well done. But everybody knows that day shift couldn’t shine if not for the work so well done by nights.

Of course there are plenty of disadvantages of working nights as well. It is no wonder that hospitals have to pay extra to get people to do it. For lots of great ways to stay healthy working the night shift, check this out. Night Shift Nursing: Savvy Solutions for a Healthy Lifestyle

What do YOU like best about working night shift?

You and Your Pancreatic Cancer Patients

thin ladyPancreatic cancer – a ferocious and fast demon from hell.

In a recent study, noted below, they found that 12.2 people in each 100,000 will be newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer every year.Pancreatic cancer represents 2.7% of all new cancer diagnoses yearly in the US.

While the odds are in favor of not developing pancreatic cancer, the survival rate of those who do is only 6% using today’s American treatments. (The survival rate in 1975 was 3%, so progress is obviously slow in this area of treatment.)

With these odds, you can imagine the emotional response patients will face. Your care plan will necessarily rank the emotional issues right up there with their physical needs.

Hospice can be a huge help – especially if consulted early on. You will want your patients and family members to reap as much benefit as possible from what Hospice offers. Short of a miraculous healing from God, these folks will likely have only a short time left.

Initially, a lot of newly diagnosed cancer patients like to learn as much as possible about their disease and it’s treatments. But the more these particular patients learn, the more they might consider alternative treatments. Who can blame them?

Grasping at straws will likely take up a brief, although frantic, phase of their journey. As long as they are not causing themselves certain harm or bringing anything dangerous into the hospital, I am sure you will respect their rights (within reason.)

The Hospice website, listed below, noted the following expectations:thin face

  • denial about death
  • fear and anxiety of the unknown, the future and separation
  • anger that cancer is taking away life
  • guilt about lifestyle habits that may have affected health (i.e.  smoking)
  • grief and tremendous sadness
  • relief that the pain and suffering are nearly over
  • peace and acceptance

So your care planning will cause you to refresh your own memory on the stages of grieving. Grieving is most likely what you will see in patients who are truly aware of what they have.

The recommended prescription is TLC apply liberally Q1-2H and PRN. As well, you can guide your pancreatic cancer patients and their families through the grieving process.

Pray with them if they ask you to. If it seems appropriate, offer them hope of knowing God by telling them that they can ask God to reveal Himself to them in some way – and to let them know where they stand with Him.

Also encourage them to look forward to and enjoy all of the small pleasures that are still attainable. A taste of ice cream is not going to subtract any discernible time from their life.

As a nurse, you know about compassion. If your patient needs a hug and somebody to cry with, and tears spill from your own eyes, its OK. God bless you for caring and letting your heart feel others’ pain.




A couple of helpful refreshers: On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss
Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations For Working Through Grief

God bless you as you serve.

What Healthcare Offers Now – And Free Dx App

heart ekg

Here is a list of the top ten tests that are now recommended either less often or not at all: PSA, PAP, EKG, Colonoscopy, PET scans to diagnose Alzheimer’s, bone density scan, nuclear stress test, radiologic tests for lower back pain, follow-up ultrasound for small ovarian cysts – and yes – even the yearly physical.

Some of those screening tests used to be recommended yearly to catch and treat problems early. Others had similar frequencies, including the colonoscopy which was ordered every five years.

Now days, a lot of the testing stops at age 75. They believe that screening, when the person is likely to live only ten more years, is unnecessary and wasteful. (Not wasteful for the patient – wasteful for Medicare!)

Their beef is that simple screening sometimes gives false-positive results. And that necessitates further, sometimes invasive, testing which can sometimes be dangerous and even (rarely) fatal.

Their position is logical as long as it pertains to “the other guy”. But what if you were concerned about needing a certain test and you were denied because of the new rules? And what if you died of the thing for which you could have been tested and of which you could have been cured?

The test they deny that bothers me the most is radiological tests for lower back pain. Not only do they not want to do MRI’s, they also don’t want ???????????????????????????????????????????????????to do CT scans – or even simple X-ray films. They want to do nothing to learn the cause of the back pain for a month after the injury.

Work-related back injuries take out a lot of nurses every year, and I have had three myself, so that ones really hits home. So what is their excuse?

It is three-fold. First – they are saying that most of the films do not show what the problem is. Second – they say that many older people have terrible-looking films but have no pain. Thirdly – they say that most back pain resolves in about a month whether the cause is seen on film or not.

So their current recommendation is to wait a month before having any films done (to keep you from having the surgery that might have been offered had you gotten your MRI done right away.

Now, I ask you – would you be willing to risk permanent damage while you wait a month for your films? What if your back is broken, and a piece of bone is poking into an organ – or into your spinal cord?

It looks like patients and advocates are going to have to take more initiative and insist on having their tests done in a more timely fashion than what is currently being advised.

There is nothing wrong with being more responsible for your own health. Its just that most people are not used to doing so, and they need guidance and encouragement to follow through. The pendulum is indeed starting to swing in the other direction.

Here is a free app called Symptify – Symptoms Simplified that you can use and recommend to others.


Nurses, Saving $ is Sexy – Save More!

busy nurseMany people still like to keep a “land line” at home in case of a power outage or for faxing. But who wants to pay that monthly phone bill? Is there a way to keep the phone service and not the monthly bill?

Even if your phone bill is only $30/month, that is $360.00 per year. Nurses work hard for their money, and that amount  could go toward – - – whatever you like!

Not only that, but saving money is sexy. Yes, sexy. Have you ever seen a wealthy, powerful person on a magazine cover who was not sexy? Those people probably did not reach the top by being wasteful, right? OK. So what are we talking about here?

This is a secret about Ooma. Ooma is an awesome little device thatwoman-on-phone attaches to any home phone, provides you with excellent, free, phone service, and lets you kiss your phone service provider goodbye.

Suddenly, you will enjoy free local phone calling within the U.S. If you call internationally, their rates are very low. But that will be like nothing compared to what you have been paying.

It is compatible with any corded or cordless phone. Installation is a breeze; everything you need is included. It features caller-ID, call-waiting, 911, and many other goodies. The reviews are outstanding.

Want to see what Ooma looks like? Click on this little link.

Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service

You can see that it is pretty small and has all the buttons under a flush surface for easy cleaning.

Money doesn’t come easy, and nursing work is hard. So I love saving money every time I can – and you might too. So here is one way to escape that monthly phone bill and still get great phone service.

If you missed my last post on how to get free TV Cable with a gizmo called Roku 3 Streaming Media Player , you should check it out. I shared about how fun it is to save the average of $480.00/year that you currently pay for Cable – and consider using that money for something better.

So, beat the system! Whatever your hourly wage is, start calculating how many hours you had to work to pay for whatever it is you are about to buy.When I started doing that, I really started to think before spending money that I had previously been just tossing into the wind.

It is also helpful to ask yourself if any given expense is going to be just an expense – or if its going to be more like an investment to help you achieve your future goals. Remember – saving is sexy! Just look at the rich and famous – they are all sexy.

Save what you can, and invest the rest!

Remember to look at Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service .

Tell me in what ways you like to save your hard-earned money. And what will you do with the money you soon be saving on your phone and cable bills?



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